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Je serai absente du 14 au 31 juillet !  Je ne pourrai donc pas assurer le support pendant cette période !
Je rappelle aussi qu'en dehors de ces vacances, je suis absente du jeudi soir au dimanche soir jusqu'à la fin de l'été !

Merci de votre compréhension.

I will be absent from July 14th to July 31st !  I thus will not give support during this period !
I also remind that besides this vacation, I am absent from Thursday evening to Sunday evening until the end of summer !

Thanks for your understanding.

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JudeBergerr #1 01/04/2010 - 06h27

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Here I am again friends just to detail my previous article. In previous article I wrote about the advantages of cascading style, in this article am just going to detail it a bit.

By captivating styles away of the HTML sheet and placing it into a standalone style sheet (.css file), one can condense the on the whole quantity of code in your [No friggin' spam ! - Ishimaru] web pages. Pages with a smaller amount of code have lesser file sizes and Google have a preference for pages with lesser file sizes.

Despite the fact that Google doesn't recommend unambiguous suggestion on this substance, the search engine optimization population is in the main approved that 100KB is a fine limit for page sizes. CSS permit you to organization your text according to HTML values devoid of negotiating the look-and-feel of the page.

Google plunders pages that are fine prearranged, although a lot of designers decide to overlook standards and procedure as much as potential, for the reason that they (wrongly) consider standards escort to insipid pages. By means of CSS, designers can generate good-looking pages with much panache, while adhering to the find aptitude intend principles recognized in the book.
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