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Ramona #1 26/09/2010 - 18h56

This message was posted by a guest

Hi there, love prostylize darkgrey, but would like to change the color of the links when hovered over.  Seems like this SHOULD be a simple issue, but I've been trying for over an hour now, no dice.  I found all references to the original color (ffcccc) in the css files in styles/prostylize_darkgrey/theme, and changed that to be the color I would like instead.  But it's still loading in my browser as the old color.  Then I also refreshed the template in the administration control panel too, didn't work either.

What am I missing here?

Help would be most appreciated, thanks!
Ramona #2 27/09/2010 - 13h00

This message was posted by a guest

Yes, I am now replying to myself, but I figured it out in the meantime.  Thought I'd be considerate to anyone else reading and update.

You just have to edit the same data I mentioned before, but from within the themes editor within the ACP.

I don't understand WHY this is the case.  I did the same edits via a text editor and then uploaded them via an independent FTP program, but that didn't work.  (This is the same way I did edits on phpBB, version 2.x.  This is my first phpBB 3 experience.)  I even refreshed via the ACP after I did the edits, but that still didn't work.

But if you do the same exact edits, but from within the phpBB ACP, it works.

Ishimaru Chiaki #3 28/09/2010 - 02h29

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This section is normally for bugs and problems on this site, there's a more appropriate section for phpBB3 support.  I suggest you to subscribe and introduce yourself in the appropriate section.

About theme editing, using the ACP style editor is what I don't recommend, as any style refresh will wipe the modifications out.  If you register and introduce yourself, could you give me ALL the steps you did when you edited the files directly ?

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Ishimaru-Design > Ishimaru-Design (fr-en) > Bug reports/Problems/Questions/Suggestions > love prostylize_darkgrey, one little problem

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