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Je serai absente du 14 au 31 juillet !  Je ne pourrai donc pas assurer le support pendant cette période !
Je rappelle aussi qu'en dehors de ces vacances, je suis absente du jeudi soir au dimanche soir jusqu'à la fin de l'été !

Merci de votre compréhension.

I will be absent from July 14th to July 31st !  I thus will not give support during this period !
I also remind that besides this vacation, I am absent from Thursday evening to Sunday evening until the end of summer !

Thanks for your understanding.

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Ishimaru Chiaki #1 10/10/2010 - 23h28

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Category names as images in Prosilver

This tutorial will show you how to display your category names as images instead of plain text, in order to get a result that looks like this :
Posted Image

Note : The tutorial has been tested on a vanilla phpBB 3.0.7-PL1 using Prosilver style

  • [*]File modifications
  • [*]Set images in ACP

Warning : It is recommended to backup all your files before modifying themI !

File modifications

The following modifications must be followed as if you were installing a MOD.


FIND, line 312 (this one, not line 469 !)
           'FORUM_IMAGE'            => ($row['forum_image']) ? '<img src="' . $phpbb_root_path . $row['forum_image'] . '" alt="' . $user->lang[$folder_alt] . '" />' : '',

               'FORUM_IMAGE'            => ($row['forum_image']) ? '<img src="' . $phpbb_root_path . $row['forum_image'] . '" alt="' . (($row['forum_type'] == FORUM_CAT) ? $row['forum_name'] : $user->lang[$folder_alt]) . '" />' : '',


FIND, line 10
       <!-- IF forumrow.S_IS_CAT or forumrow.S_FIRST_ROW  or forumrow.S_NO_CAT  -->

           <!-- IF forumrow.S_IS_CAT -->
           <h2 class="category"><a href="{forumrow.U_VIEWFORUM}"><!-- IF forumrow.FORUM_IMAGE -->{forumrow.FORUM_IMAGE}<!-- ELSE -->{forumrow.FORUM_NAME}<!-- ENDIF --></a></h2>
           <!-- ENDIF -->

FIND, line 19
                           <dt><!-- IF forumrow.S_IS_CAT --><a href="{forumrow.U_VIEWFORUM}">{forumrow.FORUM_NAME}</a><!-- ELSE -->{L_FORUM}<!-- ENDIF --></dt>



Setting pics in ACP

Everything is now ready to display pics, but you first have to edit your categories in order to indicate the path to the pics that you'll have previously made with your image editor (photoshop, gimp, etc.).

Placing pics in your FTP

Open your FTP client (ex: Filezilla) and from your board's root directory, go to the /image/ directory, then create a new directory that you'll name /forum_images/.  Then upload your category pics in this directory.  This way, you can use relative paths to link your pics to its categories.

Editing categories

Your pics are ready to be linked, so all is left is to edit your categories, one by one, and then in each of them, to place the corresponding pic this way in the forum image field : images/forum_images/monimage.gif

Here's an example with my test category :
Posted Image

You now have your category name displayed as an image !  The advantage of the modification I gave you in functions_display.php is that even if the pic cannot be viewed, its alternate text will show the category name anyway and so, there is no accessibility loss. :)

The proof, when I view the image's infos :
Posted Image

Have a nice styling !

Special thanks to Dakin Quelia and Elgobo from phpBB-France for their help in debugging my modification
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