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Ishimaru Chiaki #1 16/11/2010 - 02h45

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Some users of the Pro_Ubuntu style were surely hoping a lucidified version of the Pro_Ubuntu style.  It's now done !

A little reminder about Ubuntu

For those who don't know, Ubuntu is a distro - or if you prefer, a flavour of the LINUX free operating system.  For now, it is the most used distro, as we can witness the activity level of the Ubuntu communities.

This distro has a particularity in its versioning scheme : It's version number is always based on the release month and year.  For example, the latest released, the 10.10 version was released on October (10) 2010 (10), while the previous version that I'm currently using, the 10.04, was released on April (04) 2010 (10).

Each version has a codename that is composed of a real or mythical animal, and a personality trait, and both words, in English, begin by the same letter.  For example, the latest release, the 10.10 version is codename "Maverick Meerkat" while the 10.04 version that I use is codenamed "Lucid Lynx".

For more info about Ubuntu

Let's get back to our style

The first Ubuntu-based style was made two years ago, and at that time, the Ubuntu desktop theme was a light-coloured theme with orange tones.  But since 10.04, Ubuntu completely changed its desktop theme for a darker one.  So, I started from this theme by using elements from my desktop and the new typical colours of the desktop and the Official Ubuntu website.

It also was the first time that I make a style with dark colours for the outer parts, and light colours for the inner parts (forumlist, topiclist, messages, etc.), and I can say that I had to do a lot of debugging !  I thus thank phpBB.com members who tested my style, and Maël Soucaze, the junior validator who examined my style during validation process, for their help in debugging the style.

Unlike the period before the Junior validator team was created, the pending time was quite short, as I waited only one week, compared to one month, before my style is approved.

So I waited until it was approved on phpBB.com before publishing the style on this site, in order to prevent versioning problems and distribution of buggy copies, as I had these issues with my previous styles.  I also approved it on phpBB France and sent it to validation on phpBB-fr.com

You can now download it on this page : http://ishimaru-design.servhome.org/en/phpbb3_styles.php
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