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Ishimaru Chiaki #1 23/11/2010 - 01h25

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After I received a report about license compatibility issues regarding the Pro_Ubuntu Lucid style, I got back in vector graphics with Inkscape, in order to solve one of the style's two main issues by redrawing the icons for the contact buttons in the profile infos.

So, I drew six fully black icons, made several sizes of them and packaged them into a package where I also included the SVG sources.

So, I took the opportunity to make a new version of the SVG files page in order to make it correspond with the context of distributing SVG files as packs.  I also changed the icons' license for a more permissive one, so they can now be included within derived works under a license having a copyleft such as the GPL license.

You can now find the icons at this page : http://ishimaru-design.servhome.org/fr/svg_files.php

Note about the phpBB3 styles

I know that phpBB 3.0.8 has been released and I already updated the files locally.  But tonight, as I was about to submit them for approval on phpBB.com, I found a notice about conformity issue for all my styles except Pro_Ubuntu Lucid. and so, I'm currently waiting for a response to my PM I sent to the styles team in order to learn more about the issue, so I can fix it.

Once this issue is solved, it should take about one week or two before approval at phpbb.com (if I rely on the time it took for pro_ubuntu_lucid to be approved), and it's only after this approval that I'll update the styles here on this site and on French communities, in order to avoid versioning issues.
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