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Ishimaru Chiaki #1 25/12/2010 - 23h56

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I haven't thought I'd do it tonight, but finally I didn't drink that much (1 glass of pink wine + 1 Alex Keith's Dark Ale + 1 glass of white wine), but I was so full that I couldn't eat or drink anymore when I came back from the Christmas Eve party, I even had trouble finishing my white wine and my coffee, ;D !

By the way, regarding phpBB3 styles, I took the time to update them on the forum and the website tonight.  It's now up-to-date in English and French sides.

Take note that all my phpBB3 styles now inherit from prosilver and so, you MUST have the prosilver template present and installed on your board before installing one of my styles !  If you already installed a previous version of one of my styles, you will have to reinstall its template in order to make template inheritance work !
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