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Je serai absente du 14 au 31 juillet !  Je ne pourrai donc pas assurer le support pendant cette période !
Je rappelle aussi qu'en dehors de ces vacances, je suis absente du jeudi soir au dimanche soir jusqu'à la fin de l'été !

Merci de votre compréhension.

I will be absent from July 14th to July 31st !  I thus will not give support during this period !
I also remind that besides this vacation, I am absent from Thursday evening to Sunday evening until the end of summer !

Thanks for your understanding.

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RSS >  Servhome upgrades PHP to 5.3
Ishimaru Chiaki #1 06/02/2011 - 22h43

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With the release of Debiain 6.0 "Squeeze", the new version of the GNU/Linux distro that runs the server where Ishimaru Design is hosted, the (Servhome) host admins have upgraded Debian to this new version.

So, until yesterday, Servhome used PHP 5.2 and the admins preferred to wait before upgrading to 5.3 in order to give time to developers to adapt their CMS for PHP 5.3 handlling.  With the new Debian version, the PHP 5.2 branch isn't supported anymore and so, Servhome had just upgraded to PHP 5.3.

As Connectix Boards hasn't been updated since 2008, even if the first beta of CB 1.0 has been revealed, I cannot guarantee the absence of bugs due to migration.

At first view, everything seem to work fine, especially as I already use PHP 5.3 on my local server since I upgraded my Ubuntu to 10.04.  But you might encounter some errors or strange behaviors after this upgrade and so, don't hesitate to report them here.
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