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TeraByte #1 12/06/2011 - 09h00

Class : ID Newbie
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Registered on : 12/06/2011

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Hello folks,

Just joined your forum as I have implemented the "style" Pro_Ubuntu onto my bb site, with perfect results.

I'm looking forward to implementing a few changes (in particular "Chat"), and have loads of questions for the design team!

All that remains to be said is a big, big thank you to the Ishimaru Design Team for their outstanding and often pain staking work.

Ishimaru Chiaki #2 12/06/2011 - 22h22

Class : ID Admin
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Registered on : 12/11/2007
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Hello and welcome TeraByte !

I couldn't reply sooner.  I just came back from a WE in my RV where I had no internet.

I'm looking forward for your questions and requests, but I can reply only on weekdays for the whole summer.
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