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RSS >  Happy holidays everyone !, ...and some news about ID's future version
Ishimaru Chiaki #1 24/12/2011 - 17h47

Class : ID Admin
Posts : 1429
Registered on : 12/11/2007
Age : 28
Sex : Female

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Ishimaru Design is wishing you a merry Christmas with your beloved ones !  Enjoy good food, and drink with moderation !

Posted Image

I take this opportunity to give you some news regarding the progress of this site's future version.

By the fact that lately I became co-developer of Connectix Boards (since the beginning of this month), following a urgent situation (a security flaw in the latest stable version has been reported to us), I had less time for ID v6's development. But I took the time to work on it during the last week after I finally could solve an annoying bug in my upload and thumbnail generation script for the downloadable resources management.  For this, I thank FluxBB.fr community for their help.

After solving this bug, I now have almost finished the resources management and display part.  After, I still have to finish the tutorials parts, the static pages and the site settings.  So I can say that around 75% of what I planned is done, even if I had to drop the screenshot multi-upload feature.

I still cannot give a release date, for it depends of my occupations and I don't want to revive the same situation than when I released ID v5 on July 2009, for which I didn't test enough and thus, I had to do many bugfixes after the release, as if it wasn't enough to have a power outage that made the maintenance last 16 hours instead of 5.
So this time, I want to make sure to do enough testing in order to fix as many bugs as possible before releasing ID v6.  I am also considering opening the source code by uploading the files to Github, in order to let contributors find and report bugs and security flaws.

But I won't forget the screenshots, once everything is almost finished !

Enjoy your holidays !

Ishimaru Chiaki
Pattinson #2 28/12/2011 - 02h27

Class : ID Newbie
Posts : 1
Registered on : 28/12/2011

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well good to hear that!! Merry Christmas :) and Happyyyyyy Holidaaayyyssss  ;D

[EDIT by Ishimaru Chiaki] This user is banned for the following reasons :
- Has not introduced himself and has not returned (minor fault)
- The link in his signature (removed) has a poor reputation on WOT - a sign that it's a spam. (major fault)
Edited by Ishimaru Chiaki on 10/01/2012 at 21h20.
Ishimaru Chiaki #3 03/01/2012 - 16h30

Class : ID Admin
Posts : 1429
Registered on : 12/11/2007
Age : 28
Sex : Female

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Pattinson @ 28/12/2011 - 02h27 wrote:

well good to hear that!! Merry Christmas :) and Happyyyyyy Holidaaayyyssss  ;D

Could you please introduce yourself in this section, so that I can have confirmation that you aren't a spambot ?  Because the signature makes me think so, while I regularly have to ban spam accounts and delete their spam.

Thanks in advance.

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