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Ishimaru Chiaki #1 23/12/2008 - 07h22

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Style name : Smilemotion Blue
Author : Ishimaru Chiaki
Compatibility : Forumotion, phpBB2 version
Language : English and French
Custom stylesheet : Yes
Characteristics : Style with white and lightblue colors and smileys who reminds the old Forumotion style. This style was first made on request, but it was never used, so I made it a self-service style, so it won't get dusty on my hard drive.
Preview : click here
Hitskin link : English - French
.ZIP Archive : English - French

Notes about this style

  • [*]This pack includes
    • [*].PSD and .XCF files of the logo in the .ZIP archive
    • [*]Portal, Calendar, Gallery included
    • [*]Blank navbar button in the .ZIP archive
    • [*]Report posts buttons and "Send a pic" button for the gallery

  • [*]Font used : Trebuchet MS Bold (one of Windows' default fonts, also available in repositories for Linux users), color #6495b8 (navbar and big buttons), and #467ba0 (small buttons)
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