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Ishimaru Chiaki #1 20/01/2010 - 23h41

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I already talked about it in my previous news, but today I can finally announce that the five new phpBB3 styles have been released !  You can find them on this page.

For those who want a preview, I installed a "Styles Demo" MOD on my test phpBB3 forum, so you can directly select the style and language.
The styles demo can be found on this link and you can use these logins : testuser + test00

After I finished the styles, I thought I'd have a break, but I just got a new request from someone I know.  It's a full and coded layout for a pro website.  But I'll try to touch up the local site and to continue my Gimp French tutorial on Le site du zéro anyway.

[EDIT] Since I still had some time tonight (or last night), I took the opportunity to update all the Forumotion skin archives in order to take into account an update that have been done by Forumotion last year and that included the merging of the gallery style with the rest of the forum style.  I thus modified the directions have been modified.
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