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Ishimaru Chiaki #1 11/08/2010 - 19h27

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I just come to announce that I will be absent from this Sunday August 15th, for one week.

My mom will be on vacation next week, and since my godmother's sister doesn't use her camping trailer for the whole month and is ready to lend it to someone, my mother wants to take the opportunity to spend her vacation time on camping.  From this, I won't have any internet access during this period.  So I won't take any new request before I come back from vacation.  And regarding the two requests I already accepted, the people are already informed about my vacation and don't see any inconvenient in waiting a little bit.  For now, I concentrate my work on doing what's the most urgent to do.

A backup of my four websites' databases (this one, the portfolio, the bar and the blog) will be done the day before I leave for vacation, in order to minimize data loss in the event of badluck during my absence.
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