Accessibility policy

As a visually impaired internet user, when I relooked the site, I looked at the website's accessibility, in order to improve it gradually, so more types of people, such as visually impaired people, can use this site.
Here are the points I improved up to now :

  • Font sizes in pixels (fixed size) have been replaced by relative font size, with the use of the em unit for all elements who contain text, so the text zoom can work on IE, even if its zoom system remains limited compared to other browsers' zoom system who allow infinite zoom.
  • Quick access links have been added on top of pages to facilitate the navigation for those who don't use a mouse to browse pages. A skip link has been added in the footer as well, to allow people to return quickly on top of pages.
  • All form fields are linked to their respective label, to ensure the easiness to use the forms, even for blind people.
  • The vital links have been put on the horizontal speedbar, to ensure quick access for all visitors. Links who are more secondary are placed on the side menu.

  • The website doesn't use any intrusive Javascript element, Java applet or Flash anim that may harm some visitors' browing experience when these features are disabled.
  • The title hierarchy has been improved in order to make it much less messy

Note : Other accessibility measures will be added as I will test other ways to improve the site's accessibility.