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About the website : Ishimaru Design is a personal project that started in the beginning of 2007 and aims to provide support, mainly on the graphical aspect, for boards and websites. Ishimaru Design was first started on a Forumotion board and used to provide services only for Forumotion boards, but since, it moved to an independant host and the forum now uses a Connectix Boards platform (a Belgian open source forum script for which there is no English support forum yet), and the services were spreaded to non-Forumotion websites.

Proposed services : Ishimaru Design provides supports for your websites and Forumotion, phpBB2 and phpBB3 boards' graphics, such as GFX requests, GFX and tech support, tips and whole styles. You'll also find GIMP tutorials and a reviews lab.

Cost : It's totally free !

Website news

To begin the new year nicely : phpBB styles update

Posted on 03/01/2012 - 23h37 by Ishimaru Chiaki, has gotten 0 comments


First of all, I wish you a Happy New Yeur 2012 and I hope that your new year had a nicer beginning than mine, for last Monday I fell on the stair landing becaise I didn't see the shoe that was lying on the floor and that was almost the same color than the carpet while the stairs were dimly lit.  This resulted in a light sprain at my right ankle and so, I worked on my PC while having my foot on a seat, with an ice bag on my ankle.  My foot is still sensitive today, but I almost stopped limping.

So, while I was having the ice bag on my ankle, I updated my phpBB3 styles to make them compatible with phpBB 3.0.10 that was released a few hours earlier.  As the codechanges were quite minor, thanks to the template inheritance, my revisions were validated on phpBB.com a few hours after I submitted them.

So I just updated them (+ the style infos on the site and the board) and I sent the links to phpBB-fr.com.  Now all is left is the update on phpBBHacks.com.

Talking about phpBBHacks, I announce you that I finished second on phpBBHacks.com's Top 5 Style authors of 2011, as you can see on this link.

In the next news, I'll give you some news about the progress of the site's future version, for the Holidays aren't the best period for coding.

Ishimaru Chiaki

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Happy holidays everyone !

Posted on 24/12/2011 - 17h47 by Ishimaru Chiaki, has gotten 2 comments

Ishimaru Design is wishing you a merry Christmas with your beloved ones !  Enjoy good food, and drink with moderation !

Posted Image

I take this opportunity to give you some news regarding the progress of this site's future version.

By the fact that lately I became co-developer of Connectix Boards (since the beginning of this month), following a urgent situation (a security flaw in the latest stable version has been reported to us), I had less time for ID v6's development. But I took the time to work on it during the last week after I finally could solve an annoying bug in my upload and thumbnail generation script for the downloadable resources management.  For this, I thank FluxBB.fr community for their help.

After solving this bug, I now have almost finished the resources management and display part.  After, I still have to finish the tutorials parts, the static pages and the site settings.  So I can say that around 75% of what I planned is done, even if I had to drop the screenshot multi-upload feature.

I still cannot give a release date, for it depends of my occupations and I don't want to revive the same situation than when I released ID v5 on July 2009, for which I didn't test enough and thus, I had to do many bugfixes after the release, as if it wasn't enough to have a power outage that made the maintenance last 16 hours instead of 5.
So this time, I want to make sure to do enough testing in order to fix as many bugs as possible before releasing ID v6.  I am also considering opening the source code by uploading the files to Github, in order to let contributors find and report bugs and security flaws.

But I won't forget the screenshots, once everything is almost finished !

Enjoy your holidays !

Ishimaru Chiaki

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phpBB3 style updates... at last !

Posted on 23/10/2011 - 03h08 by Ishimaru Chiaki, has gotten 0 comments

After three months of waiting that looked like an eternity to me, the last pending style on phpBB.com has finally been approved yesterday !

Following this approval, I just made some bugfixes in my archives while comparing with the ones from phpBB.com, in order to release these updates here and on other phpBB-related sites.

All styles have just been updated here and a PM containing links has been sent to phpBB-fr.com

Regarding Prostylize styles

On the same time, I must bring your attention to a change in the available styles since the release of ColorizeIt support on phpbb.com
This module which is now integrated within Titania which is the platform that runs phpBB.com's customization database, allows colorizing any style that supports it.  This means that a style that is originally blue can be obtained in green, red, violet, yellow, etc. in a few clicks !

This makes that all Styles authors who made styles having variants (such as my Prostylize styles or CyberAlien's AcidTech and Hestia styles), me included, had to choose one variant to keep for each style set.

But in my case, even if Prostylize Darkgrey is the most downloaded variant, grey colors cannot be colorized.  I thus had to choose between the red variant and the blue variant.  I finally chose the blue variant because it is more downloaded than the red one, and because blue is more all-purpose than red.

So, if you want the grey variant, you will have to go to the following link, then use the "Change colours" link in order to desaturate the blue colors : http://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/style/prostylize_darkblue/

And news from the website's future version

And for those who don't follow me on Twitter, here are some news.

Even if it didn't progress as fast as I could wish, the public part is almost finished and I began working on the admin part for which the homepage is done and the resources part is currently in progress.

When the coding will have progressed enough, some testing will be possible and I thus will be able to take a few screenshots in order to give you a glimpse of the future version.

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End of part-time absence + Next version

Posted on 13/09/2011 - 13h59 by Ishimaru Chiaki, has gotten 0 comments


Having closed our fifth wheel trailer for winter and learnt that I won't go to Montreal this WE, I can finally code even on WE and so, the future version of ID can finally progress faster.

Take note that the requests will stay closed until the next version is released, for the stickies seriously need a refresh and I already have a lot of work to do outside ID's coding.

Stay tuned, wether on this site or via my Twitter thread.

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Back to work + Twitter

Posted on 24/08/2011 - 23h00 by Ishimaru Chiaki, has gotten 0 comments


I am glad to announce that my forced break following my computer issues has come to its end !

I would have liked to installed Ubuntu's bootloader on the system's partition, but all my attempts, with Ubuntu-fr.org users' help, have failed.  So I finally reinstalled GRUB where it used to be before I had Windows XP reinstalled, and now I'm back on Ubuntu, where I can access to my tools and data.

I can thus do support from now.

I also announce that I am now on Twitter, so you can follow me at this link in order to stay tuned about the work progress on Ishimaru Design's future version and my other projects.  And don't worry if some of my tweets are in French. :)

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